taverna Santa Cita UK




Dry and cured Cheeses

Petiscos Also Known as Tapas

Fried Guizerds, Grilled Hearts, Pica-Pau, Octopus, Fried Prawns, Clams & Prawns, Grilled Prawns, Clams


Lacto Sertã, Três Igrejas, Queimoso, Terras de Raia, Alavão, Chaparral, Torre


Chouriço de Tomar, Chouriço de Mação, Morcela, Farinheira, Morcela de Arroz, Alheira

Daily Dishes

Monday: Entrecote Taberna Style, Grilled Cuttle Fish or Coriander Cuttle Fish

Tuesday: Varied Dishes, Roasted Pig, Breaded Stakes, Pig Chops Onion Style

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken

Thursday: Varied Dishes, Cozido à Portuguesa, Pig meat Alentejo Style, Cod With Cream, Cod with All

Friday: Grilled Fish, Fish mackerel, Gold Fish, SeaBarsh, Sargo

Saturday: Chicken Paelha or Grilled Meats

Sunday: Stone Soup, Cod with Cream, Grilled Chicken

Side Dishes: French Fries, Salad, Rice or Boiled Potatoes, Vegetables Salteados

Deserts: House Desert, Cerradura, Fruit Salad, Pudding Molotof, Milk Cream

Bebidas: House Red Whine, White Wine, Green Wine, Beers, Waters & Soft Drinks Refrigerantes

Spirits & Coffee